April 12, 1998

from Nancy Ploeger:

Well, we saw Chrissie last night in the Tribute to Burt Bachrach--also Elvis Costello, Wynonna Judd, Sheryl Crow, Dionne Warwick, Mike Myers, David Sanborn, etc.  Lots of artists all sang one or two of his songs with Burt playing the piano and conducting the orchestra.  Chrissie sang two songs---the only other female singer who could have blown the roof off of the Hammerstein Ballroom was Wynonna!  Chrissie's voice is as powerful as ever.  She looked great, was very relaxed and seemed very happy! We spoke with her and confirmed the tour.

Thanks to John Becker for the following:

On Wednesday, April 15th, at 9PM EDT, the TNT cable network will show "Bachrach: One Amazing Night", repeated at 10:30. Chrissie will appear, performing "Baby, It's You".

April 11, 1998

Thanks to Rhondda Ashby for the following:

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Sat., Mar. 28, 1998

Edited by Michael Goldberg


B-52's Hit Road With Pretenders

Bands that came from the '80s take their new and old tunes around the U.S. on co-headlining tour.

The '80s powerhouse new-wavers the B-52's and the Pretenders have announced plans to co-headline a two-month summer flashback tour, beginning June 18 at the PNC Bank Amphitheater in Holmdel, N.J.

In addition, the reunited B-52's plan to release a 16-song greatest-hits collection on May 26, Time Capsule: Songs For A Future Generation.  It will span the Athens, Ga., band's more than 20-year recording career and include the new tracks "Debbie" and "Hallucinating Pluto."  The group also plans to record a complete album of new material, slated for a 1999 release.

"They've always had plans to reunite for an album of new material," said Bill Bentley, vice president of media relations at Reprise Records. "This summer seemed like the best time to put out a 'Best of' and do some other things. We're really happy to have them do it, they've been meaning to do this for a while."

The 19 confirmed dates of the summer tour will feature original B-52's members Fred Schneider, Kate Pierson, Cindy Wilson and Keith Strickland, as well as Tracy Wormwortth on bass, Charlie Treton on drums and Pat Urley on keyboards.  Ricky Wilson, another original member, died of AIDS in 1985.  Joining the B-52's on tour will be the gritty rock of the Chrissie Hynde-fronted Pretenders, who -- like Schneider and company -- saw their greatest peaks musically during the new-wave era of the '80s.

Perhaps best remembered for such quirky college hits as "Rock Lobster" and "Dance This Mess Around," and their mainstream pop breakthrough "Love Shack," the B-52's became club favorites in the 1980s with their eminently danceable songs and outlandish outfits.

B-52's fan Aaron Daniels, who maintains a B-52's website, had a few concerns about the band's reunion tour.

"I am so thrilled that the B-52's are finally touring again, I just hope I don't go into debt trying to see all the shows," Daniels wrote in an e-mail." Aside from their small "Flintstones" [for which they recorded the film's title song] promotion in 1994, it's been six years since they've officially been on tour.  I only hope this isn't their last tour. The Pretenders are such a great pick for the B-52's to tour with, I just hope they don't steal the show."

November 7, 1997

quoted from Nancy and Val in New York:

"Yesterday Pamela Lee unveiled a huge poster in Times Square for PETA. At Life (nightclub on Bleecker St & Thompson in the Village), about 12:30PM, Pamela Lee unveiled a poster on a little stage on the dance floor. Chrissie came out in a 3 piece black tuxedo-type suite looking gorgeous rested and happy--wedding ring displayed prominently on her hand. She sang I'll Stand by You. Fans were very controlled as they were literally right on top of her. We stood at the stage 3 feet from her--I in my Pretenders baseball cap, Pretenders 1987 tour shirt and Pretenders black jacket! She came out later with Moodswings to sing with them and was awesome. It wasn't the rockin' Chrissie we know but her voice was in top shape (as usual) and she looked really terrific. Guess marriage agrees with her. Biggest thrill to be so close in such an intimate setting!"

November 5, 1997

From Mark McDonald

A friend told me Monday night that the James Bond tribute album, "Shaken, Not Stirred", on which Chrissie covers "Live and Let Die", has been released in England.


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Pam strips for PETA's sake

SULTRY Pamela Lee just won an L.A. court battle for the right to keep her clothes on in a movie for which she was contracted. But that doesn't mean the "Baywatch" alumna has gone prudish.

Pamela will be in town this week showing all in a striking new poster. The shot displays her nude in a blizzard beneath the slogan, "Give Fur the Cold Shoulder."

Yes, those PR-savvy People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have struck again. They are flying their latest recruit here to star at a Fashion week anti-fur party at the club Life on Thursday night.

Rocker Chrissie Hynde will be there, too, singing "I'll Stand By You" and dedicating it to all the furry creatures that end up on the backs of women who haven't gotten PETA's message.

"Getting Pamela Lee is quite a coup," says my PETA source. "She's the No. 1 pinup for young American males. These are the guys who'll grow up to buy or not buy furs for their spouses."

Having Pamela aboard more than compensates for the loss of supermodel Naomi Campbell. As detailed in The Post yesterday, Campbell is a fur recidivist three years after she did her own "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" ad for PETA.

October 28, 1997

Thanks to Rhondda Ashby for the following:

Tuesday October 28 4:05 PM EST 

Company Press Release

The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund Releases Track Listing for
Commemorative Album

Entertainment Editors 

LONDON--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--Oct. 28, 1997--The Diana, Princess
of Wales Memorial Fund (``the Fund'') today confirmed the final track
listing for its album due to be released on 1st December 1997. 

The album titled ``Diana, Princess of Wales - Tribute'' will be released on the Fund's own label. 

Full track-listing is: 

Album One 

1. Queen - ``Who Wants To Live Forever'' 2. George Michael - ``You
Have Been Loved'' 3. Annie Lennox - ``Angel'' (a) 4. Sinead O Connor -
``Make Me A Channel of Your Peace'' (a) 5. U2/Pavarotti - ``Miss
Sarajevo'' 6. Bryan Ferry - ``Shakespeare's Sonnet No. 18'' (a) 7. Paul
McCartney - ``Little Willow'' 8. Eric Clapton - ``Tears In Heaven'' 9. R.E.M. - ``Everybody Hurts'' 10. Bruce Springsteen - ``Streets of Philadelphia'' 11. Neil Finn - ``Don't Dream It's Over'' (a) 12. The Pretenders - ``Hymn To Her'' 13. Rod Stewart - ``Love Minus Zero/No Limit'' (a) 14. Peter Gabriel - ``In the Sun'' (a) 15. Enya - `Watermark'' 16. Barbra Streisand - ``Love Theme From `A Star Is Born'  ("Evergreen")"  17. Red Hot R&B All Stars - ``Every Nation'' (a) 18. Aretha Franklin - ``I'll Fly Away'' (a) 

Album Two 

1. Puff Daddy - ``I'll Be Missing You'' 2. Celine Dion - ``Because You
Loved Me'' 3. Michael Jackson - ``Gone Too Soon'' 4. Whitney Houston -
``You Were Loved'' 5. Des'ree - ``You've Gotta Be'' 6. Mariah Carey -
``Hero'' (Live Version) (a) 7. Seal - ``Prayer For The Dying'' 8. Diana
Ross - ``Missing You'' 9. Bee Gees - ``Wish You Were Here'' 10. Toni
Braxton with Kenny G - ``How Could An Angel Break My Heart'' 11. Tina
Turner - ``Love Is A Beautiful Thing''(a) 12. Cliff Richard - ``All That Matters''(a) 13. Spice Girls - ``Mama'' 14. Gloria Estefan - ``Don't Wanna Lose You'' 15. Simply Red - ``Stars'' 16. Placido Domingo/Michael Bolton - ``Ave Maria'' 17. Lesley Garrett - ``Pavane''(a) 18. Chicken Shed Theatre Co. - ``I'm In Love With the World''(a) 
(a)= exclusive tracks 

In the U.K. the double CD and cassette will be marketed by V2 and
distributed by 3MV/Pinnacle and worldwide by Sony Music Entertainment
through its Columbia Records label. 

The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund considered a number of
proposals from different record companies in relation to the manufacture, distribution and marketing both in the U.K. and rest of the world. 

The proposal from Sony Music Entertainment Inc. was considered the
best both in terms of having the capacity to commit to a significant
worldwide launch and marketing campaign and as raising the greatest
sum of money for the Fund outside the U.K. 

Sony will donate its net proceeds from the sale of this recording (after deducting its costs including manufacturing, distribution, marketing and promotion) to the Fund and will co-ordinate and manage the manufacturing, distribution and marketing activities for some 60 territories worldwide. 

The Fund is delighted with the commitment of Sony Music in mobilizing its resources on behalf of the project and ensuring the commemorative
album reaches the widest possible audience. 

There is no agreement between the Fund and every individual retailer on
their profit element at point of sale: it is a choice for the individual retailer.  The Fund is most grateful for any support it receives from retailers to maximize the revenue to the Fund. 


   The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund Press Office
   Kate Knightley Day, 0171 440 7071

October 27, 1997

From: Robert Higgins

The Nov. issue of Maximum guitar has a nice transcription of "my city was gone" very nice write-up of Billy Bremner's guitar work on this.

From: Tim Parrish

The September edition of ICE has a blurb on the Bridge School Album, tentatively set for Nov 18 on Reprise.

Story says they've pencilled in 17 tracks, including:

Pretenders "Sense of Purpose" (1995) and Neil doing "Stranger in Paradise" (93) and "Love & Only Love" with CH (1990)

Friday August 8 8:12 AM EDT

'G.I. Jane' Storms L.A.

By Melody Martin

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - "G.I. Jane" enlisted hundreds of guests for the premiere of the Demi Moore starrer at Westwood's Village Theater on Wednesday night.

After the screening of the Navy SEALs picture, guests made their way back down the red carpet and were directed by sergeants to a nearby parking lot done up like an elegant boot camp.

Wielding bullhorns, staffers in camouflage uniforms and army boots ordered guests -- who included Moore with husband Bruce Willis, director Ridley Scott and producer Roger Birnbaum -- into single-file lines into the party.

Black tablecloths, black trash cans and black carpet set the warlike mood.

Spotted in the crowd were rockers Chrissie Hynde and Exene Cervenkova, hip-hopper Sean "Puffy" Combs, supermodel Naomi Campbell, and actors Rod Steiger and Scott Wolf.


---- AND ----

From Liz Smith

DEMI MOORE looked like a zillion bucks at the Hollywood premiere of her "G. I. Jane," dressed in black and dripping with diamonds. Accompanied by her ever-lovin' Bruce Willis, Demi was super-approachable and down-to-earth, whether she was mingling with just plain folks or with VIPs such as Patrick Swayze, Naomi Campbell, PMK control queen Pat Kingsley, and Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen and Bruce Willis got real pally, and spent a lot of time chewing the fat.

The movie itself received a big response: the audience broke into applause on several occasions as the gritty tale of a female G.I. unspooled.

Best moment? Just before Demi left the party, she turned around at the door, ran over to singer Chrissie Hynde's table, and thanked her profusely for contributing the song "Goodbye" to the soundtrack. Hyde, who attended with her new hubby, Lucho Brieva, looked stunned but pleased by Demi's graciousness.

August 5, 1997

From Liz Smith's column:

. . Newlywed Chrissie Hynde and her hubby, sculptor Lucho Brieva, will interrupt their London honeymoon to attend the L.A. premiere of Demi Moore's "G.I. Jane." Hynde and her Pretenders have a hit single, "Goodbye," coming out of the film . .

July 22, 1997

From the Archives:

The order form for GI Jane says the following -

"The soundtrack album to GI Jane is highlighted by two new performances by the Pretenders - Goodbye and The Homecoming."

July 17, 1997

A reporter for the Akron Beacon Journal recently contacted me in regard to Chrissie's wedding; revel with me in my brief, fleeting moment of Pretenders' fandom fame by checking out a scan of the article. I've also added a text version to the articles and reviews page. Many thanks to the Archives for supplying both versions. (side note: I actually run the Pretenders mailing list, in spite of what you might read.)

July 15, 1997

From the Archives

The Pretenders will reportedly contribute "Live and Let Die" to the James Bond release (see July 11 news)

Compiled from Jer Fairall and Robert Higgins

A new Pretenders recording has hit the airwaves -- the song is called "goodbye", and will appear on the soundtrack for GI Jane, to be released August. 13. "Goodbye" was written by Steve Earle (its on his 1995 folk album "Train A Comin'") and also recorded by Emmylou Harris on her 1995 album "Wrecking Ball."

From Music Central Online

Chrissie Hynde has proven once again that she will not be hampered by convention - by marrying a man the British press is calling her "boy-toy lover." The denim-clad Hynde, 46, said "I do" to 32-year-old Colombian sculptor Lucho Brieva, whom she has known only six months, at the Marylebone Register Office in London yesterday.

After the brief nuptials, family and friends, including Annie Lennox and her husband (and Spice Girls film producer) Uri Fruchtmann, repaired to a local pizza parlor, where the guests supped on modest fare. Hynde had booked an upstairs room at the Abbey Road Pizza Express for 30 guests earlier that week, telling friends after the affair, "We had a great time. We chose Pizza Express because it was so near to our home."

Hynde has always eschewed rock-star trappings and airs, even though she spent three years with Ray Davies, one of rock's biggest poseurs, who fathered her beautiful daughter Natalie-Rae, 14. This is the second marriage for Hynde, who married Simple Minds star Jim Kerr in 1984, only to divorce him five years later. They also had a daughter, Yasmin, 11.

Although the bride wore jeans and sandals, her groom was a little more uptown, with knee-high biker boots, faded blue jeans, tweed jacket, a black beret, and mirror shades. He told the press, "I thought it was going to be a quiet wedding, because Chrissie said she wanted it to be a secret." And we all know, what Chrissie wants, Chrissie gets.

Motley Clueless

July 14, 1997

From the cybersleaze page

PRETENDERS star CHRISSIE HYNDE has married for the third time - to an artist. The low-key wedding was followed by a reception with her toy-boy lover at a $8-a-head pizza joint. The 46-year-old denim-clad millionairess married Colombian LUCHO BRIEVA, 32, at Marylebone Registery Office in London. Guests at the hush-hush service included family, friends, the singer's pop star buddy ANNIE LENNOX and her bridesmaid ANNA-MARIE VOLEZ SPICE GIRLS film producer URI FRUCHTMANN - Lennox's husband - ferried them to the ABBEY ROAD north London PIZZA EXPRESS where Hynde had booked an upstairs room for 30 friends. A top pizza costs just over $6.50 there and a bottle of house wine a not very rock-star-like $14.50 . Vegetarian Hynde says, "We chose Pizza Express because it was so near to our home."

July 12, 1997

Chrissie did in fact get married on July 10, 1997. The lucky guy is Lucho Brieva, a Colombian musician. Vows were exchanged at the Marylebone Registry Office in London. From all reports it was a simple affair; the bride wore jeans and a red jacket, and after the ceremony, the wedding party went to the local Pizza Express to celebrate.

July 11, 1997

From Jib

I received an e-mail indicating Chrissie got married yesterday, July 10th. I am awaiting further details and will post them here as soon as I have word.

From: Jer Fairall

Chrissie will once again be a Bond girl when a 007 tribute album is released at the end of August. The disc consists of musicians doing covers of old Bond themes and Chrissie is reportedly doing a solo track for the disc. From what I've heard, the disc will contain, along with Chrissie and Aimee Mann, Iggy Pop, The Cardigans and Bjork.

May 30, 1997


A promo CD is being offered at Best Buy with the purchase of Paul McCartney's new album "Flaming Pie". The promo is 1 episode of a radio program, "Oobu Joobu" that Paul hosted in 1995. There is a 60 second blurb in it where Chrissie Hynde talks about being a vegetarian to help prevent starvation.

April 9, 1997

From Joann D. Ball, founder of Hyndesight Productions, the Pretenders Information Service

Pretenders management sent revised information about the "Fever Pitch" EP on which the band appears. The release has been delayed one week, until 21st April. And the film is directed by David Evans, and based on a book by Nick Hornby. For more info on the movie, check its web site at

April 3, 1997

From: Joann D. Ball, founder of Hyndesight Productions, the Pretenders Information Service.

Here's the latest from Pretenders management:

"There will be an E.P. released on 14th April which includes a track recorded by The Pretenders called *Goin' Back*. The E.P. also includes 'There She Goes' by the La's, 'How can We Hang On To A Dream' by Orlando and a piece called 'Football' by Nick Hornby. The tracks have been used in a UK film called 'Fever Pitch' (directed by Nick Hornby) which comes out in the UK this Friday. The Pretenders' song is the end title track."

Also according to management, the E.P. is only being released in the UK at this time. With regard to the upcoming, full-length Pretenders album, the band is still recording it and no release date has yet been scheduled. Management promised to contact me soon about the Greek Theatre show and other possible tour dates.

April 1, 1997

From Gil Cortes

My sources have confirmed that the newest Pretenders single called "Goin' Back " will be released on a U.K. cd on April 14th .

From: Crystal and Robert Higgins

I know of a company that usually gets new imports, and even takes pre orders sometimes. it is called "music machine" and can be found in "goldmine" magazine, usually on the inside front cover or back cover. they take credit cards. their number is 410-356-4567 fax 410-356-4693. they also have a web site. -- biker Bob

Thought you would want to know that I e-mailed Music Machine and they *are* taking orders for the "Goin Back" single. It is $10.00 for the cd single. -- Crystal

March 23, 1997

From Joann D. Ball, founder of Hyndesight Productions, the Pretenders Information Service.

Here's the latest from Pretenders management:

"The band are currently working hard in the studio and will probably remain there until April. No confirmed release dates yet for the album."