Pretenders Articles, Reviews, and other notable mentions

WA DC City Paper, 2/3/84, article/review - a long look at Learning to Crawl

Life Magazine, 12/1/92, article excerpt - 40 Years of Rock, Pretenders portion

Entertainment Weekly, 5/13/94, review - A good grade for Last of the Independents

Time, 6/27/94, article - Lots of fun adjectives used to talk about the release of Independents

Paul Cyopi, 10/31/94, review - Paul reviews the Halloween gig at the Warehouse

The Guardian, 6/9/95, article - Some insight on the Isle recording sessions

The Guardian, 8/28/95, article - What Women Want - a memorable Hynde performance

NPR, 8/31/95, transcript - Chrissie talks about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opening

The Independent, 10/8/95, article - Chrissie & Elvis Costello talk about how they met

Times of London, 10/14/95, article - Sean O'Hagan has an interesting chat with Chrissie

The Guardian, 10/17/95, article, Amy Raphael gets deep with Chrissie

Entertainment Weekly, 10/20/95, article, Why Chrissie will never see this web page

Newsday, 11/6/95, review - Makes you wish you saw the Symphony Space sets

Toronto Sun, 11/10/95, article - Chrissie sleeps with a Beatle but misses the tune

Times of London, 11/11/95, excerpt, Not sure how this fits in the big picture, butů

Melody Maker, 11/18/95, article, The infamous attack on Carly Simon

CBS This Morning, 11/22/95 (air date), transcript - Interview with Chrissie

Rolling Stone, 12/14/95, review - 3 stars for the Isle of View

Rolling Stone, 12/28/95, review - A quick mention of the Isle recording at year's end

Indy, 2/8/96, review - Author unknown (from WWW), positive words about Isle of View

Details Magazine, 3/96, q&a, Chrissie talks about her dreams, writing, and first kiss

San Diego Union Tribune, 3/6/96, article excerpt - Chrissie wins a guitar playing award

Spokesman Review, 3/16/96, clipping - The story behind Chrissie's first kiss

LA Times, 3/17/96, brief article - Rush Limbaugh's use of 'My City Was Gone'

UCSD Guardian, 4/96, article excerpt - Radiohead intvw., Chrissie & "Creep" portion

The Plain Dealer, 6/29/96, tidbit - Chrissie helps Peta move to VA

Independent, London 1996, article excerpt - Aimee Mann compared to Chrissie

GI Jane Premiere, 8/6/97, press release - Official word of Chrissie's attendance

Chrissie Cyberchat, 8/15/97, press release - Chrissie's first-ever 'net venture

Akron Beacon Journal, 7/17/97, article - Chrissie gets married and Jib comments

Akron Beacon Journal, 4/11/98, article - Chrissie hits big with the baseball fans

Brass in Pocket, article - a Pretenders cover band, calling themselves Brass in Pocket

Frank Sinatra's Duets II, clipping - Chrissie talks about singing with Frank

Friends CD Press Release - Pretenders are, uh, mentioned. That's it.

Marisa Fox interview - taken from the web, interview with Chrissie.

Music Review Central, review - glowing words about the Isle of View

The Road Home, excerpt - from the insert of a Heart release - regarding Hynde's advice

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